High Technology  enjoys reputation for professional customer services in the industry.

  • System Installation and Familiarization service
  • An optional priority repair service for urgent repair situations. Start-up Assistance.
  • We are ready to assist you with any technical or service related inquiries that you may have.:
  • High Technology has a full support team for  product demonstrations, in-house seminars, and more, they’re ready to help you understand the latest technologies, tools and applications, and make the right product choice.
  • We will document any problem areas and suggest customized service plans solutions. This service can save you a lot of money and boost production.
  • Comprehensive training courses are taught by our focused trainers and will enable you to master operational and analytical techniques.  Everyone is invited to attend any of the training sessions please contact us if you are interested in attending our courses: +218912173999
  • Our Customer Support Center is one of the best in the industry. Support agents are ready to answer your questions and provide you with the solutions you need. Lines are open from 8 AM until 5:30 PM, Monday through Saturday (Suturday until 2:00). We look forward to your call: +218912173999