SICK leads the world in safety solutions and services for machines and work areas. We continually develop innovative light curtains, area scanners, safety camera systems, perimeter guards, safe control solutions, and safety switches.The result is innovative, powerful products and systems that provide a high level of safety and increased efficiency.



In 1864, Granjard is a family-owned company specializing in household linen. 150 years of innovation later, the tradition remains with the same expertise in order to meet all the specific demands of local communities. Performance, creativity, dynamism, know-how…many strengths that have made Granjard



DUPERTHAL is an internationally operating enterprise in the areas of FIRE PROTECTION, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and WORKING SAFETY and it has been the leading enterprises of this branch for almost 40 years.  DUPERTHAL is known as a competent partner when it comes to dealing with hazardous substances in Europe. DUPERTHAL has earned this leading role among experts by a high degree of know-how, innovation and excellent quality. The quality assurance was certified early on, according to DIN EN ISO 9001, and is the ultimate aim of our enterprise.