We create added value by appreciating the needs of our customers – with competitive and innovative solutions. The needs of our employees – by adhering to our company values. The needs of our shareholders – with above-average returns. And the needs of our environment – by acting sustainable.

High Technology , Company, was founded in 2017 with the vision of making practical supply and service a reality in the Oil & Gas industry.

High Technology  is the top agent and distributor for a vast portfolio of prominent, internationally recognized manufacturers; as well as joint-venture-based Oil & Gas and Petrochemical service and technology providers.

High Technology  trading line of business includes the supply of upstream and downstream chemicals, mechanical and electrical products; test, measurement, and control instruments, as well as a diverse portfolio of production, transportation, and process equipment and materials.

High Technology   has established joint ventures with world renowned service providers,

for carrying out activities and full operations in:

  • Oil & Gas Drilling
  • Mud Engineering Services
  • Running Tubular and Casing Services
  • Mud Logging Services
  • Well Prevention Services
  • Well Testing and Filtration Services
  • Water Treatment
  • Submarine Cable Supply
  • Repair and Laying Services
  • Equipment and Tools Rentals
  • Loss Control Management Systems
  • Gas Detection and Emergency Response Management   (ERM) Services.
  • Oil & Gas Drilling  also provides instrumentation and maintenance services to Oil & Gas fields, Petrochemicals .